Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trail: 2.5 miles round trip
Route: Waimalu exit at Pearl City, turn right to Moanalua Rd, turn lefy to Komo mai Rd follow the road all the way to the end and park by the gate.

This is a short 2.5 miles hike round trip but slippery when it's raining although the waterfall is very nice and flowing during wet season. It's best to come as early as possible if you want to enjoy the waterfall by yourself. At around almost noon time people starts coming and crowd the place. It was a fun hike and swim. The hike back up is really a killer.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Most of us do not like the thought of losing a love one. I had experience the pain of losing and planning a funeral when we lost my mom's parents. We we're sudden by the situation, first we lost my grandma and two months after we lost my grandpa. I felt my mom's pain and stress. I am surprise to find out that there are website that will help you plan for a funeral. It sound scary but it's the reality, the site will give you quotes of cost and what to do.

Hydration Pack

Hydration pack is good for hiking or doing outdoors. It comes in different colors, mostly holds 2 liters of water or less depending on your needs.
I am Happy that my husband is starting to love hiking, I just wish that he will not get intimidated with the difficulty of our future hikes and that he will enjoy every hike we take. He is excited that I got a new "Hydration pack" that could carry 2 litters of water. I want red but he wants black so I compliment his request. I have reasons why I want red, in case we get lost we could easily be seen because of the bright color we're wearing. I wish I could get me a red next month.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One of my friends is trying to build a website for her business. She ask me for some tips to help her get more traffic on her site, I told he to check out affiliate network and be one of their advertisers and she could make a deal with them. If things will go smoothly with her them I will also do the same way for my husband business website.
Looking forward for our weekend activity and hoping that it will not rain that the ground will be a little bit dry in time for our hike to Manana trail traversing to Waimano waterfalls. My husband is excited because he wants to see waterfalls and take a dip.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What a Day!

It was a stressful day to begin with. I have a mid-shift today, I have a few hours in the morning to stay online and do some stuff. I was writing a post on my blog when I'm about to post it my domain name was in-active. I freak out and started looking for numbers to call, I almost called goDaddy, good thing I double check my account and find out that it's hosted by eNom. The CS reps are Angels they are able to help me restore my domain name. Thanks Heaven, was stressful but at least I got my domain back! cheeehooooo!

Outdoor Watches

My husband and I love the outdoors so much although there are activities that we don't do together due to conflict of interest. He love fishing with his boat and I don't like the boat ride but I love to fish so sometimes we do shoreline fishing.
I love to hike; recently he comes with me and loves it too. We usually hike on Sunday, sometimes with a group of friends. Since he is doing a lot of outdoor activity I am planning to get him traser watches that he could wear while doing the outdoors.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aiea Loop Trail

Our plan was to do the "Bisectual" route but ended up doing the loop winning the majorities vote. Good during summer time. Muddy and slippery on winter and spring time especially when it rains. It was so windy and drizzling today but we continue on our hike.
It's a nice stroll in 5 miles woods, you can see H3 freeway from the top. If you do the loop it looks like a never ending trail. It gets humid especially when you are down the valley but exciting because any moment you will be in parking lot.

This is my deodorizing trick. I put coffee beans on vase and have it on our kitchen counter near the stove and also by the sink counter. It helps eliminates odor from cooking especially the strong fish odor. We love to fry fish once a week during Sundays. It is proven in my case because our home does not smell bad. Well our home is well ventilated but the coffee beans help absorb the bad smell faster and keep your home fresh.

I wish we could visit my husband's family in Texas and check out if we could all move in one state. I heard from my sister-in-law that properties in Texas are cheaper than Hawaii and they don't have tax on some stuff which is a plus. My sister-in-law just got a house with a pool and a hot tub. We love pools and hot tub especially when it has pentair pool system. My niece just sent us a picture of them having fun in the hot tub with my mother-in-law.

Monday, March 5, 2012

LinkI do not care for energy bars. What ever the promise and claim that it's healthy for me its not when you check the labels it contains sugar. Avoid the energy bars and go on nuts, roasted is good and raw is better. To satisfy my sweet tooth I make my own "sugar coated" nuts, I use less amount of brown sugar that what its calling for. Let say it ask for a cup of sugar instead I put 1/2 cup or switch to low glycemic "Organic Blue Agave" extract that you can get from bulk store.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh yes! I found this "mango tamarind" candy at a local store near our place. I cannot believe they sold this candy, it's imported from my "mother land" (Philippines). I am surprise that they have this combination, the two fruit that I love so much.
Back home when it's mango season; I can eat mangoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well let's count banana as my favorite fruit too. I even got banana chips in a local store, again it's imported from my mother land. A little bit expensive here but it's worth to taste a piece of home once awhile.

Fat Sunday

We pig out once or twice a week and eat the fatty and unhealthy, usually we do it on Sundays. We always eat fatty breakfast on Sundays that includes bacon, sausage, ham, eggs, spam to name a few. We also snack on salami and crackers, cookies, chocolate and chips. To end the day we usually have fried fish for dinner or something fat pork or steak.
In my case, I make it sure that with in the week I will have salads and veggies to balance my diet especially the "Fat Sunday". I also make sure that my husband will eat his veggies on the weekdays or a few servings of quinoa or brown rice.

I have a bunch of girl friends or should I say my "Hiking Buddies". They are awesome ladies who love nature. I have a gift idea for them just in time that our city had pass a bill that plastic bags will no longer be allowed in grocery stores, so we need to have reusable bags which are environment friendly. I went to check out http://www.redenvelope.com/girlfriend-gift-ideas-rsegf and found a nice envirosax floral print bag for my girl friends. I will fill it with healthy stuff like quinoa gains and quinoa base products, I'm sure they will love it.

Chilly Sunday

A mug of green tea on a chilly Sunday morning. I will give my hubby a break from hiking today since it's a gloomy day to hike and rain sprouts here and there, the west island is on "flush flood watch", so it's better for us to stay foot for now and relax. I might do another 10 miles hike tomorrow to prepare myself for our up-coming hike at Manana trail.
On the other hand, after I read an article on my favorite magazine on how to excel in your life and career. I did push myself harder and saw the positive result that I can do better than other people. I will continue to challenge myself to achieve good things and excel at my current job and make it my stepping stone to a better career and better future for me and my family.


This are the plants good for terrarium. I am now in the process of looking for a good container to experiment a terrarium. Now that I hike in the mountains where moss, fern and other plants are abundant, I will try to bring home some of the plants for my project. Of course I will only take the plants that I will need.

Manana Trail

This will be the location of our next Hike. I'm not sure yet which route we're taking because it has two, the first one goes to the ridge and the other one traverses to Waimano trail. Which ever trail we come to decide I am sure that it will be an awesome hike that we are looking forward to it. I wish we could do at least two Hikes each month, every other week. I really want to explore Hawaii's nature.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tampa Fence

My sister and her young family are planning to move to Florida for good, her husband got a lucrative job at Tampa. They are now in the process of looking for a house. They found this beautiful house for them and big enough to house family guest who want to visit. She showed me the pictures; it has a fenced pool very safe for young kids and pets. She said that the fence was really well maid by tampa fence. My family and I are so excited to visit them this summer; we are going to stay there for 3 weeks, enough time to check out beautiful places in Florida.

This is one of the scenery at "Manoa Falls Trail". Does it look so calm and ZEN. These trail is good for people who love Nature hiking because you will love it, there's so much eye candy for you on this trail. I really recommend you to avoid weekend totally because of crowd that you will not enjoy your hike as much. Try this trail on weekdays mid-morning and just soak in the scenery of nature, I tell you for sure that you will plan another hike sooner than you think.


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