Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cake Decos

I found this cake design online. These are my favorite cake color combination. I am more on pink & purple or pink & brown. They look so cute that I cant eat them. I might try doing the cupcake design and might look for cake decorating school. I might get a Styrofoam and practice it with fondant. I will search online for cake decorating tools, and see where I will go from here lol.

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Each one of us has a different body types and react differently on diet pills. Some easily loss weight on diet pills but some needs to take it longer and combine it with exercise to achieve good result. If a certain diet pills works on me that doesn't mean that this will work the same way to my friends too.
One of my friend have a problem with diet supplement, her body reacts differently. I suggest to her that she needs to read the reviews of the best weight loss pills online and find the best one that matches her needs. After couple weeks she called me to inform that she lost 10 pounds and she found the best weight loss pills for her on the online review site.

Got Phone

I finally got a new phone yesterday. I am not so fond of this touch phone this days because of unreliable touch pads which makes the phone so sensitive. I still love my old LG chocolate and still switching on my new and old one from time to time. The only thing about my old chocolate is the battery life that I need to charge it everyday now, well it's 3 years old.
The husband had an LG dare that he accidentally run over that cost him to get another new phone. He choose the LG Chocolate touch which I tried playing with, I love it and decided to upgrade mine. We are not so happy with the LG dare, it sucks. Now we have the same phone, lol.

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My cousins supposed to have a vacation in Canada in time for the Olympics. The bad news is, they were not able to reserve a hotel room for them but they already have the ticket. She told me about it two days before they flew to Canada. I suggest her to check out a site where there are always good deals on Toronto hotels and always have available rooms. They are now enjoying their winter vacation and had the chance to watch the Olympics when they have side trip to Vancouver.

Unplanned BUYS

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I always check out my favorite store because they always have good deals on everything. Last week I supposed to get something for me, like more tops for work. I usually go around on different departments and ended up buying what's not on my list. Since that store is so enticing I always set certain amount that I can only spend, if I set $50 on that store and grab other stuff instead of tops then that's it. I have to drop other items and stick to my budget.
Last week I ended up buying bathroom stuff instead of tops, yesterday my plan is look for some more tops for me but ended up buying bedding essentials. Well I am looking for Duvet covers with poly cotton material. I like poly cotton on 300 or higher tread counts because it's softer to the feel and not warm during summer season. I accidentally saw a duvet cover with a beautiful color, poly cotton on 300 tread counts, it is the best deal ever. Again I bought an item which is not on my list but still stick on my budget. You can't believe how much I spent for this duvet cover set.

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Have you noticed how these companies created a floodgate trying to make money to unsuspected people who wants to lose weight? Like for instance the colon cleanse, since they know that there is a big market for it, they created formulas that promise to give you the result. But don't be fooled, read the best colon cleanse review first before you decide buying anything online, over-the-counter or on infomercials. This top 5 colon cleanse on the review site is the best of the best out there.

purple.jpg purple image by ikbenshagadelic

It's obvious that one of my favorite color is purple. I'm a little hesitant wearing this color unless it's fall or winter season where I can defend my case. Purple is just too awesome and pretty for my taste, I even once choose a cake color of purple and pink combination for my parents Wedding Anniversary.
Well, yesterday I spend my day off at the mall looking for something. I wear my favorite "calvin klien" sweatshirt in bright reddish purple color but it's really a pretty color. I was walking at the street when I overhear this girl said to her brother "She's wearing purple?" and the brother said "It's pretty!" The little girl then realized it's a pretty color.
Maybe yesterday was a Purple day since I saw many people on the street and at the mall wearing purple or shades of purple. Purple is pretty if you get the right shade but sometimes it's not when you get the wrong ones.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

I have a friend who's a fan of diet supplement. Whatever new she found in the market she will buy and try it. But my big question is how come she never lost weight. She even tried convincing me to try this and that but I told her frankly, "tell me if you lost weight on that, then I will try it."
I told her how important diet supplement review is. That it will help her to buy the real thing and she will save money from trying different brands that doesn't work at all.


The husband told me earlier that he will start to bring lunch next week. If we bring our own lunch to work we will save money, it's healthier and it's easy. I mean during lunch time, all you need to do is eat your lunch and rest and not go all over the place looking and thinking what to have for lunch.
But this means that I will plan ahead what I will prepare for him and I will also think whats for dinner. Well since I love cooking and since I'm preparing ahead what we are going to have for dinner, it might be easy for me to full out menus for lunch. Think sandwich! lol.

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Be Slim

I am so happy to know that I have lost weight. The burning belly fat formula helps me a lot in achieving my goal. I lost about 5 pounds and trim down my waist line, I can now fit my favorite old skinny jeans. I promise to myself that, I will continue doing this until I get to my right weight. I also do a core exercise to help me burn my belly fats faster. If you wanted your old slim body back, try burning belly fat now.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The husband get a new phone because he accidentally run-over his other phone. He didn't notice it fells on the ground, the next thing he know his blue tooth beeps and his phone is totally crushed. He then change to another touch phone, I like his new phone I might get the same one.
he is not that techie guy, he relies on me when it comes to technology. His wallpaper is my picture, then he told me "oh you're picture is gone." I put back my picture as his wallpaper, it's so quick that he didn't notice it. When he grab back his phone he saw my picture, he laugh and said "Oh my Pit bull is back, arff arff," He said my picture is like his pit bull watching him every time. He is so cute and funny when he said his pit bull is back, I was laughing so hard.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I have a co-worker who originates in the mainland. She love here and was living here foe couple years now. I asked her how she found out the job that we're into. She said before she came down she have search it at online job search. It's easy to use, just input the keyword of your desired position and the City or State you are searching and it will give you the results. Now she stayed and loves it here that she don't have plan of moving back to her home town yet.


This are one of my favorite tool in my kitchen, Bamboo utensils. I like bamboo better than wood because they last longer and they don't turn gray or black in color like wood. Bamboo is also durable and really good for cooking.
I remember when I was young at my granny's place. They live in the forest where bamboo is abundant. They made bamboo utensils for cooking, water container, mugs and much more. Most of the houses use bamboo materials, they make ladders out of bamboo and so on.
Honestly when I was young I don't really care about bamboo, I less appreciate its product. Now that I know what green living is and I do care for our planet. I appreciate more and practice green living and sustainability.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Xbox as Present

We just get Wii late last year but my husband is telling me that he wanted to get xbox 360. I don't know if when did he become a boy again, he is becoming so much addicted to games these days. He is not saying directly to me if what he wants me to give him as a present for our special occasions. He will just simply say I like this and that, it's up to me to figure out that it's what he want as present. Maybe he will get it as an anniversary present, let's see.

Bad Girls CLUB

I'm off from work today and was so anxious to catch up the bad girls club. They are so insane girls with different personality but fun to watch. I am waiting so anxious each season if what are the next bad girls will bring.
My husband caught me watching all the reruns, he said I'm insane watching those drams. But it was fun, these bad ass girls are so funny and exciting to watch. I can't wait for more, I am also catching up the "the next top model" drama. I love watching them too.

Term Life Ins

There are important decisions that we need to do in our life. We need to be in the right track as much as possible and not spend the money that we don't have. But there are unexpected things that life throws to us and we have to be ready to whatever it is.
Me and my husband decided to get term life ins. I did a lot of research online and did price comparison until we found the right one for us. So do your home work too and think of getting term life insurance.

Huges Creatures

How I wish I could just go on the boat and observe the whale off shore. Yesterday I walk down the shore because I feel that I can see whales blowhole, whales playing on the area. Sure enough I saw the whales blowhole and the are playing on the surface though they are not breaching but I can see their backs surfacing on the water.
They are about a quarter mile off shore but I can see them clearly even though I'm against the setting sun. I wish I could run the boat and spend time with the whales. They are really huge, imagine I saw their tails and back that far. I'm not really sure what will I feel if I encounter them so close. I might be overwhelmed and scared at the same time.
I still have the images of the pods spinner dolphins the we encounter when we are boating. It feels so awesome seeing this creatures in the wild. I was like screaming because I saw the pods swimming and playing by our boat. I was screaming that I might hurt the dolphins which are swimming along us and under the boat.

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It's been awhile that I am searching for a cute ceiling fans to replace our old family room ceiling fan. I like it to match our island style theme family room. I found one so cute ceiling fan at, the good news is, it's on sale and shipping is absolutely free. I am so excited and waiting for it to arrive. I told my husband to install it right away when it arrives.


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