Thursday, February 18, 2010

The husband get a new phone because he accidentally run-over his other phone. He didn't notice it fells on the ground, the next thing he know his blue tooth beeps and his phone is totally crushed. He then change to another touch phone, I like his new phone I might get the same one.
he is not that techie guy, he relies on me when it comes to technology. His wallpaper is my picture, then he told me "oh you're picture is gone." I put back my picture as his wallpaper, it's so quick that he didn't notice it. When he grab back his phone he saw my picture, he laugh and said "Oh my Pit bull is back, arff arff," He said my picture is like his pit bull watching him every time. He is so cute and funny when he said his pit bull is back, I was laughing so hard.

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