Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Big Bird

It's been awhile that my other half is asking me to deep fried the turkey for thanksgiving. But the deep frying disaster that I heard and read makes me scared trying it, since I am fully in charge in our kitchen (he can't touch even our grill =) ).
Last year I supposed to deep fry it but then I get scared, I even remember that I bought peanut oil last year. But then the turkey end up inside the oven.
I have made my assignments and read a lot about deep fried turkey. I'm a little bit scared that I might burnt the turkey skin or over cook it since I saw a whole lot of very dark skin turkey photos online. I don't have thermometer for the oil, just my guts feeling and fingers cross. I just follow the 3 pounds per minute so I have to cook my turkey for 45-50 minutes.
My husband makes me feel scared and nervous, he is skeptical that I can make it. He said I better make it RIGHT cause Thanksgivings is just once a year occasion. Look at my turkey, doesn't it look perfectly cook. I cook the back side down first for 35 minutes and 15 minutes for the breast and it came out so moist and yummy. I brine it for 12 hours breast down.
* It's immersed in oil but I make it a point the some part of the breast is sticking out the oil, this will prevent the breast from getting over cooked and dry.

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It's been awhile hat I want to learn how stock trade works. When one of our relative came down to visit, he asked to use my laptop for awhile to check his stocks. I just wish he had enough time to teach me stock trading. But I don't want to spoil their vacation.
I saw this private placement memorandum at, though they offer different services. If you want your business to grow visit their site online for more information.

Coconut Flan

I have my own recipe of custard flan that I concoct several years ago. Only me and my sister knows the recipe but I want something that doesn't need that much egg yolks.
I have watch food channel and saw a coconut flan recipe I also search online but they are the same, they used whole egg. I tried but failed because it didn't came out smooth as my flan, egg whites tend to make your flan like scrambled egg and bubbly which is not appealing to the eyes and taste.
So I figure it out and came to this "Perfect Coconut Flan" recipe that only used 3-4 ingredients, and #4 ingredient is vanilla. I cannot share the recipe here, cause it's so secret. I promise, this is the best flan ever, besides my original recipe.

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Internet features so many things these days that we can search things that we need, recipes, prices quotes even apartments for rent.
Before, we used to scan papers to look for apartment. It's so inconvenient to move to other state and you still have to stay in a hotel while you're searching for an apartment. By using the apartment search tool, all you have to do is to enter the ZIP code of the place where you want to live and it will show you the apartments for rent, price quotes, location, map and how many are available on that area. That's so sweet.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Moms and mom's to be out there who have baby and using cribs. Pay good attention on this Crib recall, cribs with drop down side has reportedly to be dangerous for your infants. Check out on the news and learn more about this.
This has resulted to 4 fatalities where babies trapped on the drop down side of the crib and suffocate. Check out if you have this cribs and stop using it from now on, there are free repair kits available for you.
This crib was manufactured by the Canadian company Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc., since 1993 to 2003 and is widely available in major chain of stores.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miami Vacation

Want to escape the winter chill? Have a vacation at Miami now. This is the best time to get Miami cheap hotels. Enjoy the beach, sun and sand of Miami during the winter season.
Miami is one of the Cities on my list that I want to explore and enjoy. The next family reunion of my husband's family will be in Miami; for sure it will be memorable once again. They have it at Colorado the last time; unfortunately we are unable to go due to some reasons. We are looking forward to the Miami Reunion.

Pie or Cake?

I asked my husband if what he prefer to have on Thanksgiving, cheesecake or Pumpkin pie, his answer is custard and I want apple pie. Well, it's only the two of us so we have to decide what we want, he agree with cheesecake and custard pie. Now I will make two of them, but it's alright, as mu hubby said that i am "ADDICT," yeah, addicted in cooking.
Well, I feel accomplished when I come out with a yummy dish or if I can make one dish better. I have read a quote on friends wall saying "Stop for a moment and realized where you are good at and make a difference out of it," sort of (not really the exact phrase). But it really made me realized that I love cooking so much.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kitchen Faucet

Someone needs to fix our kitchen even its observe Holiday. I just bought a Grohe faucet for our kitchen, I asked my husband to install it today. I want this kind of faucet because it's clean and easy to open. When your hands are dirty from kneading bread or you just worked with meat products you can use your elbow or knuckles to open the faucet without contaminating the faucet handle. Try these types of faucet for sanitary purposes to avoid contamination in your kitchen.


So what happen with the left over beer can chicken chicken? Here's another round 3 meal, a different style of chicken sandwich. The other day we have slice chicken breast sandwich and now we have chicken and mayonnaise sandwich which is the special request of my other half. This mean that someone in the house is so lazy to cook, when I get lazy my back up plan is prepare a sandwich =). Well it's easy, yummy and with veggies. Mix shredded chicken and mayonnaise season with salt and pepper, toast bread, and assemble veggies and meat and your good to go.

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Burglary is so rampant here in out island these days. I can’t forget one incident last 4th of July my boss office was hit by burglars. It shock us all because it's a secure office, it has a gate downstairs which is lock after office hours. These burglars really take advantage of the busy 4th of July night and the fireworks noise. They took new laptop, video cameras and some other valuable stuff from my boss office. After what happen, the building owner decided to place commercial security system to avoid it to happen again and to protect the valuables of their tenants.

Ice Cream

I cannot deny my husband's love of ice cream. When we have our grocery shopping he always make it sure that he get couple ice cream tubs and on stick. When I give him banana for snack he will the said "can you make it yummy", it means he want it with ice cream.
I will surely get ice cream machine so I can make him different ice cream flavors and sherbet. I also wanted to try Miss lady Vik coconut Ice cream recipe, which is one of our favorite ice cream flavor. I wish I wont forget again after I post this entry, I always forgot to buy the ice cream machine.

Walk in TUBS

Most of our elderly choose to stay in a retirement home because of its wonderful setting. I been to one of our local retirement home and saw that the elderly who live there seems to have a happy and contented life. They have their care facility in the premises, pool, chapel, salon and restaurant. They also have a hotel room setting with a walk in tubs which is best for the elderly. My husband even consider on retiring there one day, it's ideal even your kids are from you because you are safe in retirement home.


Yum! I made a quesadilla dinner last night. It's spinach, corn and cheese quesadilla, I let my husband taste it even he doesn't like cheese but then he ate 2 slices. He said "it's good but he is not Mexican", he will eat but not all the time.
I love quesadilla and Mexican food and he don't. I like my apple pie chunky and the apples are still a bit crunchy and like mushy or apple sauce pie. I like aldente rice and he wants it mushy or kind of like rice pudding. It's funny that we have different taste on food sometimes.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Greeting Cards

Halloween is over and Holidays season is around the corner. It's time for Christmas present shopping, planning your Christmas goodies and don't forget to send those holiday cards. We always make Holidays cards with our family photos in it, it's traditional and it's good to send to family and close friends. This year we have our Christmas card from, it's my mother-in-laws who introduce it to me. She send us a very pretty Holiday card last year and I love it so much that's why I ask her where she have it. I just hope we don't pick the same color and paper design.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Trick or Treat! Well we have a some treats left, I think there's fewer kids this time than last year. We bough 1 big huge bag of mix candies days prior to Halloween and I started on sneaking on it since. There's one variety in it that we love so much, it's a coconut covered with chocolate, the combination is so good so all of it goes to my basket lol. My husband is assigned to give candies this year, well everything went so fast and we still have candies left.

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My husband is redoing our home office since we are mainly doing paper works for his small business in our home office. We wanted to cut cost and overhead and over spending in a small business are not a good idea. Since he is remodeling our home office we also wanted to get new home office furniture to match the new color and set up of our home office. I need more big filling cabinets too so it's one of my priority. I'm now waiting for this things to come together and I already order the office furniture and filling cabinets.

Oh Time!

Didn't we just celebrate Thanksgiving the other day and Christmas yesterday? Oh boy time really flew so fast. I think I have to advice time to take time on smelling the roses and don't rush changing the day to night ;-)
Halloween just come and go in a snap and now where talking turkey! Then Holiday season will come and go too fast. So many things to be done in so little time. Yes I am complaining and asking time to take it easy or should I?

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RV Insurance

I really love the idea of having RV unfortunately it's not allowed here in island. If ever we are living in the mainland I am sure that we will have RV since my husband and I shares the passion of road trip. We love checking out places and RV is just so perfect vehicle to enjoy going to places in the comfort of your little home. I just learned that RV insurance is different compared to auto insurance, I thought it's the same it's a mobile home. If you own an RV check out here at for more information about RV insurances.

Chili Dog

My other half is craving for chilidog for 2 weeks now. He bought hotdog and bun and asked me to make chili for him. It all started when he stayed home one day and watch travel channel that features the "best hotdog in the US". Today he ask me to make him chili dog again and don't forget the fresh onion toppings.
Every time he ask me to make him something, I ask him right away if what channel he is watching. Three weeks ago he grave for burger, home made burger! I can't imagine whats next.

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We are buying are own medical insurance because my husband is self employed. It is really eating a big chunk of his income then we still end up paying out of pocket on other medication. We really think that medical insurances are riff-off, aside of paying the premium rate, expect that it will increase every year even you are healthy and not using it. I keep on searching for the right cheap health insurance for us that will cover what we need like vision, dental and other important stuff. Luckily I find one that covers what we need without spending too much on out of pocket.

Gardening Again

I'm just loving the weather lately, it's getting cooler and raining almost everyday. This means that I have to do my garden soon in fact I already have seeds to plant and some greens too. I still don't have the mango seed that we wanted, I wish I could find one at farmer's market.
We don't like the local mango or the green round ones because it doesn't have a good taste when its ripe. We're looking for Mexico or Philippine mango because it's sweeter and it's has a good taste when it's ripe. I don't want to buy seedlings mangoes cause we never really know if it's sweet kind or what kind it is until it gives fruits, so I want seed from a ripe fruit at least I know what I get.

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Pet Supplement

I saw a long haired teacup Chihuahua at the park last weekend, it,s so cute. I think I just fell in love with a long haired teacup Chihuahua and plans to get one soon. I was looking for pet supplements online in case I will need one and some pet supplies too. I better be ready and know what I need before I get a dog. Every time I shop online for pet stuff, it just made me more excited to have my own dog but I'm still waiting and looking for the right one which has a beautiful tan colored hair.


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