Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sunday Dinner

Sunday is our family day so we make sure we have a good dinner. Usually we grill on Sunday, my two boys love steak so much and it's their constant request for Sunday dinner. It goes with salad or just grilled vegetables.
On this photo, it's chuck steak seasoned with only salt and pepper and watercress tofu salad.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is Waikiki taken from Diamond head crater. A very pretty and busy Honolulu. Most of the Hotels are located at the heart of Waikiki. The trees below is part of Kapiolani park and Honolulu Zoo.
When you want to learn how to surf, the best place to start is at Waikiki. The surf is just perfect for beginners.


Friday, October 24, 2008

My mother-in-law had just retire. She has a handsome amount of retirement money and she is planning to invest some of it on a small business franchising. We both check for small business opportunity, we both like a salon so we decided to be a business partners and open a small franchising salon. This will be fun for both of us and we are very excited to our grand opening.

A magnificent sunset by the west side of Oahu Island. This is the west end side of the island, many come to this side to swim, shoreline fishing or just come here to watch the beautiful sunset touch the ocean.
I love watching sunset, it is so magnificent and peaceful. Sunset always reminds me the presence of our Almighty GOD.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holiday season is around the corner. It is our family tradition to send holiday greeting cards to our family and close friends. This year I decided to make it more special by sending them Holiday Photo Cards. I have check, I found out that they have the great offers on Holiday Photo Cards, it is 50% off so I think I will take this opportunity to order more and include our clients in our list.
They also have the variety of products like Business cards, Holiday cards and calendar, Invitations and announcements, Signage and many more.
Aside from that we are also planning to give our clients some promotional giveaways. I already check their prices and choices, my husband and I have already decided which promotional items we are going to distribute this holiday season.
So my friends this is your chance to get the great deal from, check out their products. They have all the products that you need for your for business marketing materials like flyer's, website, postcards and more.
Make your holiday the most memorable ever by sending your family, friends and clients your customized Holiday Photo Cards. I wish we can receive a customized holiday card from our friends and family too.


Hula is a traditional dance in Hawaii. Hawaiian agree that it was perform by a goddes which makes the dance a sacred ritual. It began as a form of worship during religious ceremonies and later on evolved into a form of entertainment.
The photo above was taken at the Hawaii fishing and Seafood festival.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fat Burner

There is a lot of factors that cause weight gain and one of it is stress. I was stress this couple month, that even I do not eat that much I have gained weight. I really need fat burners to help me melt my stored fats on my mid section, it is prominent now that makes me feel sad. I want to gain back my self confident. I have check a site that reviews the fat burner products, it is a very helpful site.

Rescue Action

This is part of the Hawaii Fishing & Seafood festival activity. Of course it's an affair of boaters and people who love to fish on Hawaiian waters.
This is the test rescue run of US coast guards on the event, showing people how they rescue at the ocean. The victim has pulled his flare and the bright orange smoke came out, then the rescue helicopter came to rescue him, they throw him a rope where he can hang and pulled out of the water. It was cool to watch, all the people especially the kids are all excited.

teen sweater

Top for me

Skinny jeans

I was looking for denim Cheap Jeans to add to my wardrobe. I have been to our local jeans stores here but I find their jeans a bit expensive, I want to stretch my money especially this time of economic crisis. My sister told me about this online store called Heavenly Couture that they are having online denim sale. All denim on sale is for only $13.80, you can also pair it with their Discount Clothes. I love this store because they make my online shopping so easy, they search for quality clothing throughout North America and bring it to us in low cost.
They also have the Teen Clothes, now you can do an easy online shopping for your teens. They have so many pretty teen tops, teen jackets for the upcoming winter season, pretty skirts and many more. Your teens can easily choose what type of clothes they want online and order it and I am sure that from now on this will be your teens favorite site.
I will post some photos of my favorite items, one is a skinny jeans that I cannot live without one, a cute top to pair with my skinny jeans. Another photo of a teen sweater.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I saw this Golf Clubs at the Hawaiian Fishing & Seafood festival. Have you notice the head of the golf clubs? Pretty unique huh! I called it "the fisher man's golf club. The head of the golf club is a fishing lure's head. This is my first time seeing this kind of unique golf clubs.
I was planning to buy one next time for my hubby because he wants to play golf.

Love your SKIN

If we want to maintain a healthy wrinkle free skin, we have to start taking care of our skin as early as possible using Squalane Products. Dr. Lark has a variety of squalane skin care product to chose from, it has reasonable coast and you can have an automatic order plan is available. Squalane Complete Beauty Kit, this product will help your skin looks young and fresh.

I just want to share this photo of my husband and the marlin that he caught. The camera they use is of his friend and at that time they are taking picture of his catch, the camera is acting and I don not know how many pixel his camera has cause its blurry and I can't fix the color on photo shop.
Hubby said he now have the record under his belt and "500 founder marlin".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hosting blog

My friend is a CPA, most of his clients are small business person, at the same time he is a business consultant too. We get together once in a while to discuss the developments of my husband's small business, he is also our CPA. The last time we meet I showed him my blogs and I told him that I am working out and building my husband's website. He then ask me how it works and I told him about it like web hosting blog and having your own domain. He then said "well that is good and it's a cheap form of advertising" he told me that he will recommend it to all his clients who owns a business to have their own website. He told me that in this time of crisis people are holding back and do not want to advertises. For small business owners who's business does not have that much exposure, this is the right time to create a website. Online exposure can help a lot for their business to draw more clients.
Check out and learn more about web hosting blog. We can see that almost everything is in turmoil, wall street is down, high gas prices, people are cutting back but the Internet continuous to boom.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am not a serious person, I joke a lot around the house, but I can be serious if I need too.
We all know that it's so hard to raise kids especially when they start to get hard headed, we all been to this stage when we are young giving hard time to our parents. I was baking apple pie in the kitchen and the father and son just finish dinner. The little boy was giving us hard time this fast weeks so the dad started lecturing him after dinner, he was crying. Hubby do his best making the boy understand what he will gain if he will stop his bad attitude and do what his parents wants him to do for his own good. The talk runs about 30 minutes and then he let the boy wash his face. While the boy is in the bathroom I went to hubby and give him a kiss and whisper "THAT WAS A GOOD SPEECH DAD". We chuckle quietly so the boy won't hear us lol.

Make sure your stomach is full when you go grocery shopping. Shopping with empty stomach will end you up buying the things that are not on your list and will lead you over your budget. Because you feel hungry you tend to grab the unnecessary things that you think will fill up your stomach instead of your pantry.
This trick really works with me and my husband. One time we went grocery shopping and he is really hungry, he grabs as much food as he can, which end up sitting on our fridge for days. I told him never go shopping when your hungry. He then try to shop when he is full and he then told me "you are right, I did not grab too much food this time" in fact he did not even want to buy any snack because he is full.

Before we went to the kids soccer game today, we stop by the drug store to get our free flu shot courtesy of our health insurance provider. My husband don't want to get his flu shot this year, he thinks that flu shot cannot be administered yearly. But I manage to convince him and told him that prevention is better than cure.
In this time of financial crisis we need to secure our family by getting the right family health insurance. Health treatment is so expensive especially when you get if from your own pocket.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Miss Lyn share her jalapeno recipe. I have planted plenty jalapeno peppers months ago and it's now abundant in peppers. She suggest me this recipe but it took me a while to make this because my husband don't eat that much cheese.
Yesterday I pick fresh jalapeno and decided to bake. I was surprise it's not that spicy hot (thanks for the TIP) and it is so good even my husband who is not so fun of cheese love it so much.
6 oz room temperature cream cheese
1 cup room temperature cheddar cheese
2 scallions chop
20 jalapeno peppers
mix all ingredients except jalapeno and set aside.
pre-heat oven to 350%
Rinse and drain jalapeno peppers. Slit lengthwise on one side; remove seeds and veins, leaving stem attached. (Use gloves because the oil from the peppers are very hot!)Stuff each pepper with cheese mixture. Place on baking sheet and bake at 350 for about 40 min
TIP: Make sure to remove all the veins and seeds and it will not be that hot

Monday, October 13, 2008


Our CPA turns to be our close friend and one of his goals is keep our business on the right track. In order for us to be in the right track we have to stick on our budgeting, he recommend us to have the budgeting software. We really need this software especially this time of crisis it will help us see what accounts we have to cut off based on the previous years of our budgeting.

I am very supportive of my husband's hobby which is fishing, maybe because I enjoy it too. Yesterday was the 3rd Annual Hawaii Fishing & Seafood Festival, before he don't mind this thing but since he have his boat and was hook up to fishing, he then want to go to every fishing store and fishing events.
There's a boat show and he checked all the boats that we passed. I'm sure he check all the booths that sell fishing lures and lines. We check out every single fish on display too. It was fun and surprise that my husband is that crazy about his fishing.
We climb to a long liner fishing boat, he keep on interviewing the crew about fishing, we climb to the deck where the captain stay and saw all the equipment and I said loudly "oh this looks like Dangerous catch of Alaska". He told me he want to go with the fisher man of long line fishing boat that fish at Northwest Hawaiian water's for days, he said he want to gain more knowledge about fishing. Husband you are so insane!
When we reach home he watch fishing channel, then he ask for my lappy, he want to check for fish online, I joke on him "hubby I think on your past life you are a mare man" he just chuckle.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are you still looking for the right person to spent the rest of your life with? Here is a new site for you and signing up is free. I learned about this site from one of my cousin, she wants to meet her prince charming online, she try to search for free. After couple weeks of searching she finally found her prince charming from Europe, they where dating online for couple months until they decided to meet personally. When they met it's like love at first site and they become so inseparable, they decided to tie the knot and now they are living in Europe.
I was chatting with my sister earlier and encourage her to sign up since she is still single and searching. Signing up is free, so she then sign up and search for a single man. I hope she will soon found her prince charming online.
I really recommend this online dating site, be one of the many people who have found their true love online. Search for free now for your lifetime partner trough I already saw many people who have found their real love online, let be a part of your search.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday I went to the CPA's office to work with out federal tax that will be due on the 15th. His office building has a centralized AC that make my bones shiver if I stay there the whole day, and it's absolutely hot outside. He offered me coffee and doughnut, and one more surprise a bar of chocolate. After we are done doing the paper works and while I'm waiting for my hubby I ate the chocolate. When I reach home I feel like my right back is aching so badly, it's like squeezing my right lungs that I cannot breath deep. It's so sudden that keep me wondering, I ask hubby to massage my back a little. This morning when I woke up I feel a little tired and my back still aching, I sleep the whole morning, when I get up I feel like my throat hurts and it made me realized I have the symptoms of tonsillitis and it will get worse on the following day.

I am avoiding too sweet food because of my tonsillitis and yesterday I can't say no to the chocolate because I have not eaten chocolate for a while and I forgot about my tonsillitis.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My CPA boss and his buddies will be going to Las Vegas next month for a Golf tournament. Las Vegas Golf is the best,they will held their fist annual golf tournament at Bali Hai Golf club. It's a tropical golfers paradise located on the La Vegas Strip. Most of his friends have been there already and recommend the place.
They book on Walters Golf because it has the lowest prices and with no booking and cancellation fees, no prepayment for tee times, and access to the best tea times. You can choose from Bali Hai Golf Club, Desert Pines Golf Club, Royal Links Golf Club. I'm sure they will have so much fun on their golf tournament and hope that my boss will win.Check out Las Vegas Golf and book your next golf tournament with them.

Busy Monday

When hubby came home last Sunday night with the huge marlin, we spent the night cutting off the fish then clean our mess and the boat, we finish at 2am. We woke up early on Monday because he still have to pick up his daughter by the airport and drop off to the hospital. We then go around the island and gave the fish away to our friends, we finish almost 8pm. We are pressing time because we still have to go to the hotel where his daughter stay and babysit our grandson for a while. I was so tired that day, I really wanted to have a good rest and a long sleep.

One of our friend from Aina-haina gave me this beautiful flowers when we went to their house to drop off the fish. The couple is so nice to us.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I really wanted to lose weight, my goal is loosing 25 lbs. I read on magazines that there is one diet pills that most of the movie star are using because it's so effective, Metabo Speed was touted as "The celebrity Diet Pill". I will try Metabo Speed because I really need to lose my weight fast. I want to fit on my favorite skinny jeans again and gain back my confidence.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Finally he hook up one humongous MARLIN, it's about 400-500 lbs about 11 feet long. He went with his friend but his friend is on his own boat, in short hubby is fishing alone in his boat. He can't even put the fish inside the boat what he did is tie up the tail and drag it to the harbor and then they load it up on his boat using crane. His friends came over to our house about four big guys but they can't carry the fish off the boat to the table where we suppose to cut it in pieces. It was a lot of meat and most of it will be given away since this is his first marlin catch with mistress. Now he said that he will take off fishing for a while and if he hook up one big fish next time he will sell it at auction fish market. This one is too much but Thanks God that he blessed us with humongous Marlin.
He came home 8pm and it's already past 1am and we're still awake, it took us awhile cutting off the fish, and after we clean our mess and the boat... Whewww... Now that he already fulfilled his dream of hooking up a huge marlin, he now said he will let go the marlin if ever he will hook big one again because it's too much work after... I was just teasing him saying "that's what you want and you are dreaming of right big marlin".

I can't take a photo of it from tail to it's nose when it's lying like this, too big...

Look how huge the fish head compared to a 52qt blue cooler

I'm filleting the fish and this meat on photos is not even half of the fish...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am so glad that my acne outbreak is now over, I have found the right treatments for acne. Actually it took me almost a year to find the right cure for my acne. I was skeptical with the promises of so many products because I have tried couple of them but didn't deliver their promise of treatment in fact it just made my acne worse. Since then I look for product review and I make sure that the ingredients it not harsh for my skin, it's safe and effective.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pretty soon its Halloween then Thanks giving. Maybe this year we will go with deep fried Turkey. And next is cookie time of the year, last year I was not able to plan for cookie time because I was busy helping husband on his job site but this year as early as last month I am thinking about the cookie time but still I can;t figure out what to give to our good friends and neighbors. I have so many recipes in my mind but I have to settle to a unique ones lol.
I'll post this photos again...

New Arrivals

Well hubby can't deny it anymore that he is getting old. He have his eyeglasses before but he hardly wear it but now a days when he is reading or watching TV in our room he always ask me for his eyeglasses, by the way out TV in our room is a little bit smaller than the one in family room and it's hanging on the wall. He needs a new eyeglasses though because lately he keeps complaining that he can't see a clear as before while wearing his eyeglasses, he needs a new pair of eyeglasses, just in time that the new frame at Zenni optical just arrive. We really love Zenni's Optical because they always offer the best deal on eyeglasses and they always have the stylist frames. My husband is complaining about his eyeglasses for two weeks now and just today he ordered two pairs, actually one eyeglass and one sunglass. I have to get another pair of sunglass too.
My mother in-law also get her eyeglasses from Zenni's Optical, do I have to say more about her, well she just love to wear stylish eyeglasses. The first time I met my mom in-law first thing I noticed on her, was her pretty stylish eyeglasses.

Well I planted about 10 Thai chilies at our back yard thinking that it will only give me a few chilies but I was absolutely wrong. Now that my Thai chilies are as tall as me more than 5 feet tall and they are giving me so much chilies, most of them just go to waste, the fruits are just falling. It's too much for our own use so this morning I decided to harvest then and classify them, the almost ripe and shinny should be keep fresh and the rest I will dry them.
The above photo is to keep on my fridge and this one bellow is now under the sun drying.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Memory Drive

I have couple of flash memory for my camera, I love taking pictures when ever I go. Even I'm home I took pictures of my garden and what ever I saw interesting and most of all I took pictures of the food that I have cook. That only explain that I need few more flash memory because most of the time I forget to transfer the photos from camera to computer. A very useful little gadget.

Late Present

A semi precious stone bracelet with tiger, jade and eyes, for good luck.

I have a late present from my best friends back home, we've been best friend for 8 longs years now. Most of my true friends are older than me, maybe my soul is already old lol. She and her family is my second family in Cebu. She know everything about me and she always like a big sister to me giving me countless good advices. All I can say, she's always there for me for that long years. I am so very much grateful and thankful that I found a friend in her, thankful to her family too.

I love watching sports on TV specially when my favorite team is playing. Me and my husband love to watch basketball, but we have different favorite team on NBA. We also spend most of our weekend at home when it's football season watching NFL. Sometime we have to run important errands during the weekend and miss some of the game so what I did it search for online sports videos. I accidentally found this sports vids site where you can upload your favorite sports video, like video of you kid's playing sports or video of your favorite team or player at the same time you can watch sport videos that you miss on TV. Thanks to the people who uploaded some of my favorite sport video's on SportsVids, I am so happy that I can now watch those favorite sport clips over and over again.
Like this one down here a video of Michael Phelps, making his World Record on Mens 400 Individual Medley at China Olympics, very cool clips. In fact I love watching all his China Olympics videos.

If you are one of us who just love sports so much, now you can upload your favorite sports videos at SportsVids, you can also check out for more sports video clips on these site.



Fall is not a perfect season to start gardening but this is the right time to start composting. Simply pile those leaves you've raked on your yard clippings and select food waste and microbes will naturally break down the organic matter to create a nutrient soil additive. The decomposition process will take a few months, so start your pile today, and by spring time it's ready to nourish your treasured garden.

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