Saturday, January 26, 2013

My husband and one of his friends went out earlier hunting for permanent magnets. I don't have any idea what they need the magnets for but I'm sure it's for their job. He asked me to order it online since what they need is not available in our local supply store. I am glad to order it for them and hopefully they will finish their project in time. It's just so convenient that when we cannot find what we need in our local store, we can always order it online.

Hanauma views

This is the Diamond head side, it's a little bit overcast today in fact after I took this picture it drizzled a bit that got us soaking wet. It is still a very nice day for that hike, I can say it's the perfect day for the hike but not too perfect for taking pictures. I wanna do this hike again pretty soon because I cannot get over the spectacular view, I wanted to soak it in my memory so it will stay there forever.

Bike Racks

I'd rather do my running than ride bicycles but sometimes I need to please my husband and ride bicycle with him at the bike path. I always want to bring my car rather than his truck so we decided to buy thule bike racks for my car. I can easily bring my bicycle anywhere and have an afternoon ride with my friends on 8 miles bike path once in a while. I am training for marathon so running and bicycling is the best training for me.

Hanauma bay

This is Hanauma bay, it's a good snorkeling place to enjoy while you're in Oahu. Great opportunity to swim with the fishes and turtles. I think you have to pay $5 for kamaaina rate and I don't know how much for tourist.  I came here before but I'd rather swim with the turtles and fish at north shore by sharks cove. It's a little bit crowded but I saw more turtles and fishes up there. I rather do the Hanauma hike trail than swim in the ocwan.

Silver Bars

I believe that a good investment is gold and silver. I was searching online for best silver bars prices. I found an online site where they have really good prices on silver bars that comes in different ounces. They start at 1oz to 1000oz silver bars, also 5, 10, 100ounces that will suit your need and budget. I have 5 and 10 ounces that I had collected, it's easy to keep and dispose. It's really a better investment that savings or stocks.

Rainy days

It was raining lately so I decided to venture out and snap some pictures. I love this picture although this are still raw but they are beauty to my eyes. We will be expecting thunderstorm this weekend so I might venture out again after the rain and see if I can take pictures of floras and catch some rainbows. It will be an exciting Sunday for me, hopefully it will not rain as hard or rain in the morning and dry in the afternoon.

Display Stands

I am glad that our office finally upgraded our monitor display stands, now we can do our presentations easily where everyone can see and it's really easy to use, although it's always multi-purpose monitor. Now I am contemplating on getting me a new TV stand for my home because it really save space especially when you are living in an apartment where space is limited and being minimalist is the way to go. I love contemporary designs though it's creative and simply beautiful.  

This is my favorite North shore road spot where you can see what's ahead of you. I am so stoked that I had captured this moment in time on a perfect weather. It's so relaxing and drive with a spectacular view of the country, mountain ranges, farm lands, blue skies and blue ocean. This is what I call "Portal to Paradise". This is my favorite highway going to north shore. I can drive on this road over and over again going north of course!

Blue Waters

I have so much stock pictures in my memory cards as I was digging though it last weeks, I found nice pictures that I don't have any idea I have. This one is taken way back maybe 4 years ago when we went to Kauai (one of my favorite island ind Hawaii). The sky and the blue ocean, wish I could see more than that, wish there is a breaching whale visible.
This picture say a thousand words that we have to be thankful to be in this earth and experience life in general. Amazing world...

Macanudo Cigars

I am happy that my order came in today; I really need it for this weekend gathering. We are invited to a house warming party tonight and I will bring with me macanudo cigars and of course a house warming gift. I don't want to bring food or wine because it’s too common and everybody bringing the same thing. For a change I decided to bring cigars in a party or gathering and my friends love it, from then on I am bringing cigars because I know it’s a seller.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Kauai Beauty

I wish there's no people on this picture it would have been a perfect picture that does not look like a typical Hawaiian scene. This picture was taken in Kauai and I like it because the trees color are beautiful, I did not realized that its' beautiful until I check it out on my laptop. Too bad I cannot do a retake not unless I go back to Kauai and revisit this place.

Latex Mattress

I wish I joined the Military when I was younger. I love traveling and being in military because you have the privilege to live on other states. One of my friend and her family are moving to California because her husband got stationed there. She is trying to ship most of their household good and buy some items there. She wants a new latex mattress, I helped her check online and we found natural latex mattress los angeles stores with good selection in different sizes.


I am not really sure if this is Heiau of just a stoned formed by hikers or local people who access that trail. It's a pretty cool rocks. Heiau is a burial site for ancients Hawaiians, this might be a Heiau. When we are not sure all we have to do is respect this site, I cannot pass on it but I have to take picture. This picture is raw and it's a little drizzling while we pass this site.

Kitchen Faucets

We need to change our kitchen faucets to match our new kitchen cabinets. We decided to upgrade our kitchen because we love to entertain people. I love to cook and my husband is proud of it. We always invite people around during the weekends or major holidays but I need enough room in my kitchen to do the preparations. I am excited to have my new Kitchen next month, the faucet we choose is very functional and beautiful that matches our kitchen style perfectly. We will be having a small gathering with friends and family when it's done, I am excited to use and show our new kitchen to them I am sure I will love it so much.

It was a little bit warm today so I treat myself with halo-halo. It's not the best in town but its an ok halo-halo. This is better than the last time I had from red ribbon, it was good but the ice cream they used was so junk and ruined the whole thing. It did satisfy my cravings for halo-halo though. I think it can past as shave iced with better flavor.

I saw this cute equestrian riding apparel online. I know winter stuff but really cute and I can wear some of it here in the island while I am riding my horse. I am so happy and grateful that my husband got me the horse; we name the horse "shady" just because he looks like shady. Actually shady was abandoned by his original owner from the ranch, my husband took him and told me that shady is mine; he knows how much I love horses. I am so happy that I am able to take shady up the hill about a mile from the ranch where we could see the view of Honolulu.

Blessed & Lucky

I felt so BLESSED and LUCKY that I live in Hawaii, might not be for good but thankful that I got the chance to be here and enjoy a piece of Paradise. I love Hawaii because of nature, mountain and beaches. When you wake up in the morning you can pick where you wanna spend your day, Hike the mountains, be a beach bum or enjoy the nature in many ways. I always go for a short hike if possible, be on top of the mountain and enjoy a 360 view of my surroundings where you can see the ocean from a distance.

Alesis Product

I am happy that my younger brother loves music and he also plays some instruments. He loves playing his acoustic guitar with his band. He did form a band with his friends and they always practice at my parent’s garage that they turned into a mini studio with all their music equipments. They always get it online, now they are checking for the brand Alesis at musicians friend online. As long as my brother is having fun with his friends and they love doing music I am happy for them.

I did the Hanauma Bay rim hike yesterday with one of my girl friend. We both enjoy the hike even there are times when we got soaking wet from rain. It actually cleared up little bit, we are able to enjoy the wonderful scenery and take awesome pictures before the rain soak us again. This hike is easy breezy although I still recommend you to take it easy descending down because its crumbly and slippery at times. This hike can be short or long as 3 miles defend on how far you go and what routes you take. Over all, this hike is really awesome, I recommend it to all ages.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Triangle Direct

I am getting addicted to pinterest because you can find and pin the things that you like from health and beauty to recipes. I always check out beauty stuff, shopping and computer or internet stuff, I also read articles and product review from there. I also found SEO tool like triangle direct, it can help your blog or web page. I am following them now on pinterest and looking forward for them to post more information about their site and how they could help boost our site.

Monday, January 21, 2013

I was so happy to finally hit the trail, my first hike of the year. It was nice to begin my hike at Wiliwilinui ridge trail, not too long, not too hard, just perfect trail to begin the year while I'm picking up where I slack.
I took so much pictures that took so much time, instead of 2 hrs in and out it took us almost 3 hrs plus the 20 minutes rest we had up the summit to soak in the view.
It was a good day to begin with, although a little rain clouds rolled in after few minutes in the summit but it turned out to be a very nice hike for me.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

We are planning to buy properties on different state for vacation home and also for rental. My husband and I decided to look for the best property management fayetteville nc where we want to have a vacation home. As I was researching I found out a company that stands out, they have a very good reviews. We are going to NC for a month to look for properties and so to personally check out the property management that we pick out. We are so excited to get off the island and venture out in the mainland.

Secret Beach

I was able to have my me time the other day and decided to drive north shore. The plan was to get my shrimp plate and also take some pictures. While waiting for the shrimp shack to open I drove to Waialua and check out Dillingham Airfield, where I wanna experience skydiving, snap some picture and went relax at the beautiful secluded beach across it. I will surely come back at this beach to meditate and have my "me time". What a wonderful relaxing day after an overnight work.

Friday, January 11, 2013

It's really convenient that they have invented this drug rapid test. It's oral test checking saliva for active drug abuse including alcohol. People can now be tested on-site that it can detect more than eight types of drugs. A box comes in 25 individual drug testing kits. This is really convenient because testers should not worry about handling urine because most of their products screen saliva, safer with rapid results.

Lucky Charms

Peace, Love, Luck, Happiness
My uncle (mom's younger brother) gave this pendant to me way back maybe ten years ago. I have it with me since then, I don't know what it means so I did not wear it. While I was cleaning up yesterday I came across it once again and ask him what does this Chinese character means. He said it means "Peace, Love, Luck & Happiness", I'm crossing my fingers that he is right because it's in Chinese character and when you miss a line it will mean something else.
Since I've learned about it's meaning yesterday, I have cleaned it and worn it. Chinese new year is coming up so I need to start wearing my good luck charm. He said I don't need to necessarily wear it, it can be hang by the mirror or main house door. Lets see what will happen because I want all those Peace, Love, Luck and Happiness I can get.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I love to have carpet around the house but carpet can get easily soiled even though we don't allow wearing shoes inside our house. We don't have pets as well but there's always a chance that it can get spilled with stain even how careful we are. We always call for a good cleaning service that we have trusted for years. For our rental in NC we call this carpet cleaning holly springs nc, which they really did great jobs for us, no complains. If you happen to have a house or a property in NC check  Clean Home, they can also clean your upholstery and so your carpet.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sky Dive


I wish I started this when I was on my twenties and a rascal, but "It's never too late for a Happy ending", so I will do it this summer and go from there.
I was scared of heights but when you get over it, it becomes addiction and gives you a euphoric high. This is the way I wanna get high, up in literal clouds and watch the earth in birds eye view and soak it in to your Bank of Memories and do it again...


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