Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We have plans to go to the mainland and spend time with our family in December. It will be fun because we are planning to go snow skiing. My sister and her family lives in Oregon, she will get us a place in the mountain resort. I am trying to convince my husband to consider Oregon as our home in the future, I just love the place it is so beautiful. We definitely need a snowboard wall mount like my sister. She has it mounted in their garage for easy access on their toys.


 Durian is an Asian fruit with a very pungent smell, it is indeed acquired taste because for most it taste like a rotten onion. It is indeed an acquired taste and smell but to most who likes it, it has like a custard consistency.
 We went to have bubble drink yesterday an a well known Thai place where they serve fresh fruits bubble drink. I tried Durian yesterday because I miss eating the fruit, it was my favorite one back hoema nd still my favorite till know although I cannot really find a fresh one here because it is stink. My husband and my friend are not too happy with me in the car because they said it is STINK haha.

It became part of my tradition to collect christopher radko Christmas ornaments every year. I am leaning towards collecting more on his Santa Clause and Christmas tree because I love it personally. I love to collect Santa Clause and Christmas tree so I am looking forward on their 2013 collections. I also collect Christopher Radko with year on it, I am excited.

Byodo-In Temple

 This was taken last Sunday when we went around the island and got the chance to check out Byodo-in temple at Kaneohe. It is a very beautiful serene place. There are people who came in and check out the place because it is a tourist destination.
We usually do something on Sunday like go around the island, hike or check out places but since I start working full-time plus my part-time job, I don't have the time to do stuff although I am not complaining that I work 49 hours but my husband and I usually just rest on Sunday and enjoy our lazy day off.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last year we had the greatest vacation that started to become our yearly tradition. My friends, my husband and I vacationed to Kauai. It is indeed the best group vacation so far. This year we are planning to do another group trip, we are not settled of the place to go and get lost. We are considering Maui, Big Island Hawaii and maybe Las Vegas and Oregon are in our list. I never been to those places that they are the place I want to check out. I want to do around the island tour in Maui and check out the road to Hana and be amazed of the waterfalls. Big island is perfect vacation during winter time and we agreed to take a trip up Mauna Kea where it snows during winter months and check out the telescope. Well I have no idea why I love Oregon, maybe because I was drawn to a vampire setting which is gloomy, snowy and beautiful mysterious forest. We gave it a try and check out groupon deals and boy oh boy they have so many choices travel deals and most of them are more than 50% off. Now the hard part was choosing the place we want to make another memorable vacation. It is tough to make a decision, I wish I could visit this places one after another on the weekend. Oh well, but we have to pick the best place to go with the help of groupon weekend getaways. We might be able to do two different places, one in Hawaii and one in the Mainland. Let’s go pack our bags!

Crafting Wreath

I always love crafting and I always find myself with new project. Two years ago I started making mini xmas tree to give to my special friend. This year I decided to make Mesh Wreath, on the photo is my first creation. I posted it on FB and one of my friends asked me if I am selling them. Actually I was thinking of selling some of them and my husband agreed so I will be making more wreaths and mini xmas tree and will be selling it on FB and Ebay.

Dream Vacation

I am totally ready for a vacation to my home town with my husband and one of my best friends. We decided to have a trio vacation and check out places in the Philippines. We cannot stay longer than two weeks so I have our itinerary ready and pick out few places for our side trip. We decided to stay a few days in Manila before we come back home. We have to go to Cebu where my mother-in-law stays and take a trip north to Bantayan Island which is a tourist destination. We are so lucky to book our trip early because we got the Lufthansa flight deals which is a round trip flight and choice of hotel, although we are not going to stay in Manila the whole time but we have the choice to take the package or just the flight, either way we got the good deal. There are so many places to choose from and they have good deals on international flights too. My husband loves to have a vacation in the Philippines, he loves the warm water. I remember the last time we are vacationing in Philippines, we stayed in a hotel surrounded by water and he stayed on the water the whole day soaking in. We are excited on our upcoming vacation and check out places and also reunite with my friends and family. It is a much needed vacation for me and my husband and I am sure that we will treasure and enjoy the memories.

Shave Ice

This is the a version of snow cone that we call Shave Ice in Hawaii. We have favorite places to go and one of it is located at North shore which is 25 miles away from where we live. I always saw pictures on instagram about Ice garden which is a little bit closer to us that my husband and I decided to try and we love it. Since then when we have the chance we always sneak out on Sunday affter brunch and have our dessert. ICE GARDEN at Aiea, I personally love the combination #1 with mochi balls and Ice cream or custard.


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