Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dream Vacation

I am totally ready for a vacation to my home town with my husband and one of my best friends. We decided to have a trio vacation and check out places in the Philippines. We cannot stay longer than two weeks so I have our itinerary ready and pick out few places for our side trip. We decided to stay a few days in Manila before we come back home. We have to go to Cebu where my mother-in-law stays and take a trip north to Bantayan Island which is a tourist destination. We are so lucky to book our trip early because we got the Lufthansa flight deals which is a round trip flight and choice of hotel, although we are not going to stay in Manila the whole time but we have the choice to take the package or just the flight, either way we got the good deal. There are so many places to choose from and they have good deals on international flights too. My husband loves to have a vacation in the Philippines, he loves the warm water. I remember the last time we are vacationing in Philippines, we stayed in a hotel surrounded by water and he stayed on the water the whole day soaking in. We are excited on our upcoming vacation and check out places and also reunite with my friends and family. It is a much needed vacation for me and my husband and I am sure that we will treasure and enjoy the memories.


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