Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last year we had the greatest vacation that started to become our yearly tradition. My friends, my husband and I vacationed to Kauai. It is indeed the best group vacation so far. This year we are planning to do another group trip, we are not settled of the place to go and get lost. We are considering Maui, Big Island Hawaii and maybe Las Vegas and Oregon are in our list. I never been to those places that they are the place I want to check out. I want to do around the island tour in Maui and check out the road to Hana and be amazed of the waterfalls. Big island is perfect vacation during winter time and we agreed to take a trip up Mauna Kea where it snows during winter months and check out the telescope. Well I have no idea why I love Oregon, maybe because I was drawn to a vampire setting which is gloomy, snowy and beautiful mysterious forest. We gave it a try and check out groupon deals and boy oh boy they have so many choices travel deals and most of them are more than 50% off. Now the hard part was choosing the place we want to make another memorable vacation. It is tough to make a decision, I wish I could visit this places one after another on the weekend. Oh well, but we have to pick the best place to go with the help of groupon weekend getaways. We might be able to do two different places, one in Hawaii and one in the Mainland. Let’s go pack our bags!


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