Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Huges Creatures

How I wish I could just go on the boat and observe the whale off shore. Yesterday I walk down the shore because I feel that I can see whales blowhole, whales playing on the area. Sure enough I saw the whales blowhole and the are playing on the surface though they are not breaching but I can see their backs surfacing on the water.
They are about a quarter mile off shore but I can see them clearly even though I'm against the setting sun. I wish I could run the boat and spend time with the whales. They are really huge, imagine I saw their tails and back that far. I'm not really sure what will I feel if I encounter them so close. I might be overwhelmed and scared at the same time.
I still have the images of the pods spinner dolphins the we encounter when we are boating. It feels so awesome seeing this creatures in the wild. I was like screaming because I saw the pods swimming and playing by our boat. I was screaming that I might hurt the dolphins which are swimming along us and under the boat.

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