Sunday, February 21, 2010

purple.jpg purple image by ikbenshagadelic

It's obvious that one of my favorite color is purple. I'm a little hesitant wearing this color unless it's fall or winter season where I can defend my case. Purple is just too awesome and pretty for my taste, I even once choose a cake color of purple and pink combination for my parents Wedding Anniversary.
Well, yesterday I spend my day off at the mall looking for something. I wear my favorite "calvin klien" sweatshirt in bright reddish purple color but it's really a pretty color. I was walking at the street when I overhear this girl said to her brother "She's wearing purple?" and the brother said "It's pretty!" The little girl then realized it's a pretty color.
Maybe yesterday was a Purple day since I saw many people on the street and at the mall wearing purple or shades of purple. Purple is pretty if you get the right shade but sometimes it's not when you get the wrong ones.

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