Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mom & FB

I know my mom well, she is not a tech person. It took her awhile to get use to cell phone how much more computer. Recently my sister made a FB account for her and she was telling me that she went with the kids and was chatting with her friend who is now in Japan. Ok I will take it and was wondering that maybe somebody else is using her account.
I was thinking of calling her earlier but was a bit busy. While I'm doing my task online I am checking my FB at the same time and looking if who's on. When I saw that my mom is on I get skeptic and a little bit scared that someone is stealing her account. I chat and ask if who's using her account and the person replied claiming shes my mom and I said "My mom doesn't know how to chat" and she is insisting that she is my mom so I said ok I will call you.
I called my dad's number and no body is answering. I went back to FB and said how come you're not answering me. She gave me her number which I forgot and called her. I was relieve when she finally answer me. It's my mom :)


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