Monday, May 16, 2011

His Cooking

I came home last night and went straight to our room to settle my stuff, finding my husband laptop up on a recipe site; I ignored it and check my own laptop. He came in the room happily asking me to eat dinner and announced that he cooked dinner.
That morning I bring out beef from the freezer and instructed him to throw it on the grill for dinner. Well no steak for tonight instead he made a stew out of it. Thanks so much for his effort and the help of online recipe, he made it possible. Well he followed the recipe literally and he did not even know what bouillon cubes are.
Honestly it's good but needs a little bit salt and pepper. I told him he doesn’t have to follow what the recipe calls for. Like the potato that calls for 3 and its only two of is eating then he cooked rice. I told him next time reduced the ingredients based on how many people are eating and I also showed him what beef bouillon is. Thanks so much babe its cook with kim chee.


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