Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sushi Bar

My husband and I was invited by my friend to a Sushi Bar last night. It's five of us at "Sushi Masa", It's authentic Japanese Sushi bar, it's pricey because the seafood are fresh, handmade in front of you by chef Masa, I cannot compare it to Genki sushi or other cheap sushi place.
The Sushi are really tasty, the fish is really fresh and he will tell you how to eat it. He will tell you to just eat it with wasabi, no soy sauce and one bite. Don't order on the menu rather ask chef Masa for house special and he will prepare the finest quality of fish he has. I regret that I miss out the "uni"(sea urchin), the smoke salmon is really good, the "yellow tail" as well. I cannot believe that "aji"(skip jack tuna) is very good too also the "akule" (big eye scad) surprisingly delicious, so smooth and clean, no fishy smell. I really recommend this place to people who appreciate old school sushi preparation. Chef Masa entertained us with his humor and views of life. Five star for you Chef "Sushi MASA."


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