Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Manoa Fall Trail is a short one, only .8 mile sitting at 800ft elevation. My overall rating of this trail, from 1-5 star, I'll give it 4.5. It is a very beautiful trail, wet and muddy. There is certain part which is a bit hard especially when it's wet, slippery, and muddy with breathtaking scenery's. The downside of this trail is too much tourist (I'm not against tourism) I guess because this trail is easy and family friendly so tourist flocks here. It's a "must Go" trail. For a longer Hike, you could traverse to "Aihualama Trail" which is another 1.3 miles from "Manoa Falls".
On the other hand, I am so proud and Thankful that my husband starting to love hiking and this is his first hike with me (I think we did some short hikes in Kauai way back) but this one is when I rediscover my "love of HIKING". He did a good job and got him a new pair of shoes for the next hike; I wish it means that he will hike with me on any trail, long or short, hard or easy. Round#2 on this trail we will Traverse to "Aihualama Trail" 1.3 miles to make our hike longer. I'm a happy girl!


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