Saturday, February 25, 2012

It took me awhile to update my blog about our Hike at "Kuliouou Ridge Trail". It was an amazing Hike, it was my first Hike ever in Hawaii to be honest but it was great, in fact i am ready for round 2 Hike at Kuliouou Ridge Trail.
Kuliouou ridge trail is located on the east side of Oahu. It has two trails, one is The Valley Trail which is a 1.5 miles 300 ft in elevation and the one we took was the ridge trail is 2.5 miles 2oooft elevation. My first hike was so awesome which inspired me to Hike more trails and mountains as long as I could. Never been to the valley trail but the ridge trail has a very awesome views of the east side. We are planning to do round 2 sometime on May.
I'm hoping that my husband will come with us next time. He works out a lot before, lifts weight and does other crazy stuff at the gym but it's been awhile that he did not work out. I want him to be fit as well and I think he could share my love of nature adventure. That's the reason why it took me awhile to do what I love which is nature hiking because my husband is not really into it. Good thing I found friends who loves to Hike after 6 years here in Hawaii. It's never too late for me to do what I love.
We are planning to do Once a month Hike to a different location and continuing to challenge ourselves and endurance. We want to do alternate hard and easy trails. The first one was a very good trail, the last half mile was a killer. The next hike will be at "Manana trail" 6miles 1700ft elevation. Never been there but they said its an easy one, lets see. I wish my husband could come with us and enjoy nature.


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