Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I hiked this mountain ever since I was in very young age. There is a big cross on that mountain that made it famous during lent season. Every lent people will gather to this mountain to worship and sacrifice. We always go to this mountain and start my love of hiking that I did not realized until recently.
I cannot remember how many times I Hike this mountain but I know for sure it's more than a dozen times. We always go there for fun and nature trip with friends and sometimes with family. I know in my heart that I love hiking and nature tripping but I just realized that I'm a "mountain Girl" as my husband call me. He said he knows for sure that I don't love the ocean as much as I love hiking in the mountains.
I love the ocean but it is also my demon that I'm trying to fight. Blame it to horror films and "Jaws" movie that I grew up. I know how to swim but I'm sure it could not save my life. I am looking forward to be good in swimming and love the Ocean as much as I love the mountains.


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