Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Xmas Trees

This are the images of my Xmas trees since I got married 07, I am so happy that I have most of the picture to make a collage but I am so sad because I think I lost the picture of my first 07 Xmas tree. I love the simple white Christmas theme of 2008, each year has it's own character. 2009 is simple as well, I like how I lay the balls in clusters.
2010 is a little bit messy and confused, we're just too busy wrapping the present for the kids, buts it's the most memorable Christmas of all since the family is complete with the grand kids.
2011 is quite and wonderful, a new beginning for us and I love my tree, I have two designs. The first one is with peppermint ribbon, I tweaked it with a new ribbon because I want to get the "granny smith apple" color from the ribbon and supposed to be "red and white" tree but it ended up looking so different and so overly decorated but I still love it. Next year will be another winter wonderland theme.


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