Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is the awesome view up Kulana'ahane saddle summit lookout. I gave my friends the option of trails to hike but this one is actually my no. 1 priority, they made me the happiest person when they pick out this trail. I have read a lot of blog write ups about this trail that really intrigue me to do this one. We have been through a lot of head scratching because no one in the group have been in Kulana'ahane trail, one did only the Kamananui valley trail way back. Four of us hiking this trail that includes me, my husband and two girlfriends.
I know that my goal is the Saddle lookout but I also think of my partners who had been walking for 3  hrs. One of them needs to pick up her kids at 2pm and trying to reach somebody to pick up the kids because we cannot make it out by 2pm that's for sure. We have no cellular signal and we are trying to get to a clearing or gain elevation to see if we could reach civilization by phone.
Another reason was that my goal saddle lookout was not clear to my two companion aside from my husband. One of them keep suggesting me that there's lookout here and there along our way but my goal was the overlooking H3 freeway Kaneohe side. There are two hikers who pass us and when we are gaining elevation they are coming down and told us that we're almost to the saddle, not even quarter mile although the climb will be so steep and some part are short vertical that requires all fours to be used.
We are greeted by the amazing view of the H3 freeway, Kaneohe bay and stairway to heaven. The two ladies we're glad that we did not turnaround or we will miss this panoramic view. The 11 miles in and back that took us 7 hours instead of 5 hours is worthwhile. This is definitely in our list of repeat trail. 


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