Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hamama Waterfall

 Wild Flower
 Bonus swimming pool
Hamama waterfall = Beautiful & Gentle

First of all this trail is not Public and what I have heard that you need a permit to get in here. But we sneak in anyway. This area is used by Board of Water Supply.

The reach the waterfalls follow the gravel road up to where it ends, just follow the gravel and don't go on any confusing visible side trails along the way. There is a swimming hole on your right but it's good to take a deep after you see Hamama. I heard there is a bonus waterfall called Waihee but that will be our next goal the next time we come visit as a group.
Hamama Waterfall is about 100feet high, not that mighty, it has its own beauty and very gentle. There is no swimming hole but you could take a good shower.
Direction: Find your way to Waihee Rd.


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