Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This trail starts from Aloha stadium to Waipahu depot street. My guess it's about 7-8 miles long of maintained bike trail known as "Pearl Harbor Historic Trail". They are planning to connect this trail from the Aiea Stadium to Waipahu to Ewa, Kapolei and Nanakuli which will be 18 miles long. Hopefully I will not be to old when this things will happen, I'm sure I will be one of the people who want's to do a record.
 This the trail the inspired my 2012 to get into my health and fitness. This is also the reason that I am a self proclaimed "reclaimed hiker". I love hiking when I was younger but I did not realized that I am a hiker because there is not really a know trail back home, with trail or without when you walk on foot for miles and miles and enjoying the scenery and crossing town-to-town on foot then you are a hiker.
Thanks for this awesome 2012 that made me and my husband realized that there are so much thing we could do and enjoy without shelling money. I am glad that he is now loving and enjoying hiking. My friends including my husband appreciate the trails we go and enjoy the scenery so much that they don't even know exist. There's so much more to see in the island of Oahu alone. Hopefully we could check out other island on the weekend and hike too.


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