Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The first trail head to the valley

Long trail but with rewarding view. Your first trail will be the Moanalua (Kamananui) state park. You have to take the Kamananui gravel dirt road which I hate so much and wish that there will be another way to Kulana'ahane saddle lookout, unfortunately there's none so far.
After more than 3 hours of hiking and the final quarter mile steep climb to the lookout where there are short vertical part that you have to use all fours and literally climbing the ridge. We are greeted with the one of the Amazing view of the island of Oahu. The view of Kaneohe bay, Haiku stairs, H3 freeway which are breathtaking. It took us 7 hours to do the 11 miles because we're taking our time taking pictures and soaking in the view. I will do it again with some friends but I'll make it a point that we will be doing it in 5 hrs.


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