Friday, May 4, 2012

As always change of plan again. We are planning to Hike the either "Lua'alaea" waterfall or "Hamama" waterfall but some of the group members decided to hike Macapuu point. Although it is a nice spot to hike and I never been to this trail but I'm kind of disappointed when they suddenly change plans.
That's one reason why I can't wait for the group and squeeze in hikes in between because when I want to check out a trail which is new to me, I want to do it yesterday. There are so many trails in Oahu alone which will take me years to check them all especially when we are only doing two hikes a months. There are over 80 trails in Oahu public and private plus the connector trails. Twice a month will be less than 24 trails a year so it will take me 5 years to do almost all the trails which I simply CANNOT wait!


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