Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tiny Winies

I got him the Sansa Fuze for Xmas with a slot radio card 80s&90s, which I ordered separately and came 3 days after xmas. He was like not so into it when he got it but when the slot radio chip arrived, he was so exited and listen to the songs the whole time. I am glad he likes it, now he is asking me to down load him songs and buy some more slot radio card and maybe I'll get him slot music too, which is music albums in micro cards.
He said its so amazing how a tiny micro card can hold 1,000 songs (as tiny as your pinky nails), and now albums are in micros too instead of CD. Things are getting smaller and smaller each year. Be ready to rent and buy your movies in micro cards in the near future and play it on tiny winy movie player, since they already have music albums in micro cards.

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