Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm a novice hiker, I'm looking forward to be a pro hiker and I'm loving being a hiker and close to nature. I have a good friend who I can call as a pro hiker, I am a reclaimed hiker because of her.
Koolau mountain range has so many hiking trails that you can connect most of it. As a novice hiker in Oahu, given the opportunity, I come to check the trails that can be connected. I keep checking Kuliouou which from the lookout on the right you can connect to Mariners ridge, on the right it will go to Puu Kona and Hawaiiloa.
As I was checking the visible trails from Mariners ridge it looks scary to a novice like me especially I am a little bit scared of falling but one day I will brave it with a good friend, that's the plan. But first I will make myself used to cliffs and gather good hiking equipments.
I know I can do a little bit extreme but need to get used to it first and get the hang of it. Gotta LOVE Hawaii. 


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