Friday, April 27, 2012

Love Hiking

Since I got hook on Hiking the Island of Oahu, I always take time in a day to check out the trails that I have never been. There are more than 50 listed trail ranging from novice, intermediate to advance, there are more trails because of the connectors. I have done intermediate hikes and looking forward in doing advance and go from there. I am trying to make myself comfortable on heights and steep drop ridges. I'm getting better on dealing with heights and I am really happy about it. It means that I can do connector trails at the summits of Koolau's. 
I have the list that I've printed from HTMC (Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club) , I also have the Na Ala Hele list & I also have two hiking books guides and one is considered as "the Hiking Bible". It only means one thing That I really enjoy and love hiking and being close to nature.


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