Friday, March 4, 2011

Bamboo Tattoo

Bamboo is a strength of character: It can survive in storms that leaves other trees broken and destroyed despite their size. Bamboo bends, it flexes, nearly touches the floor but never breaks. Resist in storms and strong winds, yet it keeps its delicate structure.
"Like bamboo it's a good man's character. A man can undergo hard, difficult, tough times, for which he must adapt, but must never break, never lose his sense of self. A man must keep his essence no matter how bad the world is treating him."
I admire the character and strength of bamboo and it's ability to survive the storms. I was contemplating on getting a tattoo but I don't want to get any kind that doesn't have any meaning to me. Tattoo is like a marriage to me, I have to choose the right print that has meaning to me and like marriage it is made to be forever which it will stay on your skin forever. I know I want something Asian, after I learned the character of Bamboo I get fascinated and planned to get a bamboo tattoo. Where to put and when is still a question as well as the style, but it will be small about 1-2 square inches. I might have it on my wrist or somewhere I can see it.


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