Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Alert!

Due to the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that devastated Japan, we experience a Tsunami alert last night March 10 effective around 8pm Hawaii time. Last night they turn on the emergency siren every hour from 9pm until 3am when the tsunami was expected to reach the Hawaiian island. Although there are minor damages at Kailua-Kona big island Hawaii and at the Haleiwa harbor and Kihe Maui, we're still lucky that we've been spared from a disaster. I also pray that Japan will eventually stand back strong from this devastating experience
I wasn't panicking at all even they keep exaggerating it on the news. They are asking us to evacuate immediately to higher ground, when I check our location I found out that we're sitting on a boundary of tsunami zone on 12 feet elevation from the sea level though we're only 300 meters away from the shoreline. One member in the family is freaking out except my husband and I so we told her to go to her friends house so she will feel safe there and stop bothering us. I honestly was sleeping but keep the TV on for updates, they said Hawaii is expecting 8-12 feet rise on the sea. After I heard that midway island experience 8 feet wave I was confident that we are not on harm, on my estimation we might experience around 2 meters or less so I went back to bed. My husband and I was sleeping and was constantly awaken by the call of our family member who evacuated herself :), then we're awaken by the loud siren from a roving Red cross emergency van asking the residence in our neighborhood to leave and go to the evacuation center, but then we ignored it, confident that we're on elevated area and we will not be hit and yes we're right, Thanks GOD.
Our Prayers to all the people who where affected by this devastating disaster.


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