Friday, March 19, 2010

Female cochineal beetle, ground up is used as a red dye in food
Do you have any idea about this beetle? This is cochineal beetle found in Central and South America. This beetles live in cactus and if ground up it produces red color.
Now for the fun part. Have you ever wondered where does most of your food ingredients come from? or where it originates or what makes its color? Well, if you are wondering where your "Red Food Color" came from, then the answer is in front of you. Red food color comes from "Dactylopius Coccus" BEETLE is used by Aztecs and native American as red-dye, and it's still used today. Aside from food, these pigments are also used in many cosmetics, shampoos and even fruit juice!If you want to make sure you aren't ingesting beetles look for an OU symbol or K- designating that the item is Kosher (yes there are even kosher cosmetics)

FD&C Red Dye #40 ( known as Red #40) is safe and insect free.
I therefore conclude that it's better to leave most of our food ingredients origins as mystery. ;)


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