Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I went hiking solo today st Kuliouou ridge trail because my buddies are working and I cannot wait for the next hike with them. I choose Kuliouou ridge because I know the terrain and been here many times, another reason is I know it is a very safe place to hike solo since I always encounter people going solo on this trail before. You will always encounter people along the way so I consider this as a safe trail.
All I can say when you are hiking solo please be responsible. Always hike on a state trail where there is a check in station where you can log your name and time in just in case you get lost or accident happen also don't forget to log out. Inform your friends and love ones where you plan to hike and call or text them when you started to hike and always keep your phone with you.
This turned out to be a successful solo hike for me and this will be the beginning of more solo hikes that I might do in the future. 


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