Thursday, October 11, 2012


 This is an old railway that became a popular hiking trail, consisting of 1,048 steps about 1.5 miles up, the last quarter mile of it is nearly vertical. This is a very popular trail especially on the weekend and I am surprise to see good amount of people on a weekday afternoon.

Most of my friends hate this trail, they've been here once before and don't want to come back yet. This is my 3rd time here this year and will come back again, preferably if I have enough time after work. I find this as a very good workout.

I saw people huffing and puffing like me going up. Your brain is telling you to turn around but you are fighting and pushing yourself because the peak is just 50 steps ahead of you, and you know that you want to reach the top to reward yourself of the 360 view of the east side. I know people I've encountered feel the same as I do. "I am so dumb punishing myself going up this stiff 1,048 steps up, I know I will benefit because it's a very good workout and be rewarded with the amazing view.


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